It is a culture to have sideboard units in offices and homes. Sideboards are important for organizing books and files in an office. Office secretaries use this tool to arrange files, books, and other stationaries in order and make them easier to retrieve. At home, sideboard units are used in the living room by parents and school-going children to store books and other important files. Flowers and other artifacts are also added to the open shelves for decoration purposes. The following are tips you can use when choosing a sideboard unit

How Big is Your Room?

The space of an office or living room to which sideboard is to be placed unit matters when choosing one. A huge hall would be appropriate for a large bookcase. A small bookcase would be proportional to a small to medium room. It is important to involve an interior designer when deciding on the size of a side unit you want.

Usage of The Sideboard Unit

When buying a bookcase unit it is paramount for you to compare the size of its storage compared to its needs. A small office may have a high volume of publications that requires to be organized so that they fit. In this case, a bookcase with drawers can be appropriate as drawers would give additional space. A small office may also be handling sensitive files and other items. A bookcase with storage will be appropriate in this case.

Color Scheme

The color scheme is crucial to consider choosing a sideboard unit. The finishing and furnishing used should be attractive and link together with the room’s color. This way, the room, and the sideboard will look beautiful. Bookshelves with cabinets should have different colors that match the room and the books stored. Bookshelf storage should match with book covers placed on them.


The price of the sideboard dictates its affordability. Affordability goes hand to hand with durability and the size of the sideboard. A short bookcase is cheaper compared to a large bookcase. A living room bookshelf can be cheaper compared to a bookshelf with drawers.

Although there are many factors to consider, it is important to associate with a professional interior designer to help you in choosing the right sideboard for your office or the living room. Tylko is a one-stop online shop that allows customers to view, compare and make purchases without leaving their living room.